Smart Air Cooling Solutions


High Energy Efficiency

Our superior technology delivers very high output for every watt of electricity consumed thus results in negligible running expense.



No use and discharge of harmful/hot gases and “harmful HCFCs
This coupled with energy conservation helps protecting the environment



Our products are built from high quality UV stabilized plastics ensuring Long-life for body shells thus ensuring a longer life with lower maintenance cost.


Advanced Air Cooling Technology

Use of Smart & Innovative thinking backed by state of the art technology provide our customers with outstanding air cooling solutions.

Why use Evaporative Air Cooling Technology (E.C.T) ?

  • Eco-friendly Air Cooling solution

    Does not harm environment in any way rather helps environments by energy conservation. Can also run on low capacity solar thus making energy cost free.

  • A Healthier Alternative

    Does not recirculate the same stale air but Keeps you healthy with continuous supply of fresh and filtered air.

  • Comfort air cooling at Amazingly low cost

    Helps you saves upto 80-90% over refrigerant based air conditioning solution in running expenses.air

Evaporative Cooling Technology

Our Vision

We understand each customer’s requirements of an air cooling system and provide customized and personalized solutions. Backed up by top notch, state of the art technology, we are able to provide perfectly tailored solutions, as well as experiences to our customers.

Our professional and scientific approach towards building our smart air cooling solutions ensures that every unit deployed performs to meet the Customer Expectation, raising the bar for our competitors. Our dedicated customer support team ensures our customers enjoy a hassle-free cooling comfort for years. Our motivated dedication to bridge customer satisfaction to entirely a new level by delivering a delightful and unconventional customer experience.

Our Innovative Products

Model Code

Model Name
ATM Phantom 80

Model Code

Model Name
ATM Alpha P18DC

Model Code

Model Name
ATM Alpha 25

Model Code

Model Name
ATM Zephyr 035-FSS